Why we built WP Switches

The idea for WP Switches had been lingering around at WebsiteNazorg.nl for a few years already. As a WordPress maintenance and security organization, we have seen a lot of websites suffering from plugin bloath.

Fighting plugin bloat with more plugins

It sounds like a straight contradiction; fighting plugin bloat by introducing more plugins to WordPress webdesigners. By the end of this page, you will understand this makes sense. But first, what are we trying to solve here?


By scraping out certain functions of WordPress, the backend can become more comfortable to work with.


By decreasing the total codebase of your WordPress website, it will become more secure.


By introducing plugins that do only one thing, we decrease the resources your webserver needs.

We have a more detailed post about what causes WordPress plugins and themes to be slow in general.

Easy debugging, the added benefit

By introducing plugins that do just one thing, it’s easy to debug for compatibility issues. You simply deactivate WP Switches one by one to find out which one cause problems with your theme of plugin. As WP Switches are built with WordPress conding standards in mind, it’s easy for you to give feedback to the plugin or theme developer.